Mitt Romney Loses

Was Mitt Romney Designed to Lose?

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Mitt Romney Loses

Those who follow this blog know that I’ve never been a fan of Mitt Romney. I predicted that he was mathematically incapable of winning when Herman Cain was hot on his tail. When Cain fell from grace and Newt Gingrich rose, there was finally a remnant of true conservatism possible, but that was squashed as well. Then, Rick Santorum emerged as the not-Romney with extremely conservative views, but he wasn’t strong enough to take down Romney.

When it became clear that Romney would get the nomination, I prepared for the inevitable Obama victory. Despite knowing from the start that Romney had no chance of winning, I was still stunned at how badly he was trounced. It has been percolating in my mind since the election and now I’m convinced, circumstantially it may be, that Mitt Romney was engineered as the candidate and that Barack Obama’s victory was a foregone conclusion.

History tells us that conservatives win elections. Moderates can only win when they either follow the momentum created by a conservative president (G.H.W. Bush) or when they run on the premise of being a conservative (G. W. Bush). There were conservative contenders and there were conservatives who could have been contenders, but all of them fell to the untrustworthy, unlikable Mitt Romney.

There are plenty of conspiracy theories out there already being circulated about the election being rigged, and I am not going to participate. I simply want to point out that Mitt Romney was designed to lose. It was clear and apparent even to the Republican Establishment. What forces are behind the scenes pulling their strings? What strings are being pulled with our government today. What is the end goal? Where will America be in a year?

I don’t know, but I’m scared.


  1. Dick Stafford

    Ha-Ha-Ha Scared? That’s the problem with you teatards and republicans. You’re gutless and scared all the time! What a joke! Ha-Ha

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