Marco 'Wrong Card' Rubio

We Can’t Trust Marco ‘Wrong Card’ Rubio with Money

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I like Marco Rubio. He’s a nice guy. He’s a talented politician. Despite what most say about his perspectives (outside of Gang of Eight, of course), I believe he’s a conservative at heart. However, he’s demonstrated that he’s never been good with money, whether personal finances or the government’s (and therefore, the American people’s) money.

He once pulled out the wrong card to pay for personal items, allegedly. His personal finance choices have been a mess, including buying an $80,000 boat while having a house foreclosed on and having to take huge penalties for pulling out of his retirement savings to pay for things.

Rubio is a good politician. He’s not a good Senator. He’s not a good Presidential candidate. He would not make a good President.

In case you aren’t familiar with his financial woes, here’s CNN from last November.

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