Why a Biblical Perspective must be the Conservative Guide when it comes to Same-Sex Marriage

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The ongoing debate about same-sex marriage seems to be a potent crossroads issue for conservatives as well as GOP presidential candidates. Most are going to be forced to identify their campaigns with their stance on the issue. Whether we like it or not, it will play a pivotal role in 2016.

There will be an urge by many to spin the issue in a way that is conducive to winning the primaries and the general election. It would seem based upon many polls that the American people have warmed to the idea of marriage equality because nobody wants to feel like they’re discriminating. That’s how it has been positioned and conservatives might use that as a justification for switching sides on the issue.

This cannot be. Beyond the clear physiological challenges with same-sex marriage and procreation, some might want to pull in the ethical or moral aspects of the issue. Whether you believe that to be true or not, it’s not the right way to handle it. In fact, it’s an issue that is so easy for the left to defend that going down that road could turn off even the most staunch conservatives.

Why a Biblical Perspective must be the Conservative Guide when it comes to Same-Sex Marriage

The proper way to handle the issue is from a Biblical perspective. It’s a fine line to toe when trying to maintain a Constitutional grasp of the separation of church and state, but if conservatives stay true on the issue, they can address it with these three things in mind:

  1. Defense of marriage is not a valid stance anymore, at least from a moral perspective. However, it applies from a Biblical perspective and that can be the basis for keeping the right message. In other words, on issues that are covered by the Bible such as marriage, abortion, welfare, and defense, one can keep their personal views in light while letting their political worlds be ruled by factor #3 on this list.
  2. The dominant Biblical perspective to maintain is one of loving God and loving thy neighbor. Those two things supersede the other aspects of the Bible and can be a proper guiding light for personal doctrine. In this way, the perceived discrimination is superseded by greater commandments.
  3. While one’s personal views will always guide their political agenda, the Constitution is the greatest ally for now when it comes to winning the election. The stance from an election perspective allows the Constitution to state that the federal government will allow states to determine their laws on marriage. This is a temporary fix; eventually all or nearly all states will allow it if we stay on the current course. However, this allows as limited of an effect of gay marriage on the presidential election as possible.

Here’s a video that shows why keeping a Biblical view of the same-sex marriage issue is so important for everyone, conservative or liberal. If you are a believer in the Bible, you should keep this in mind.

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