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Why Conservatives Must Vote from Faith First

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This is a sentiment that is growing less popular as time rolls forward. That’s to be expected. It was even foretold that this would happen in the Bible. With that said, it’s important as Americans, whether conservative, liberal, or anywhere in between, that if we live our lives grounded in faith, then that faith should be the guiding force for our votes.

That’s not to say that we don’t need to look at experience, agenda, effectiveness, communication skills, and political opinions. Those are all important. Character should be a defining factor in choosing our political leaders and the absence or presence of a firm Christian faith. Our country has maintained a connection to faith from the start and the more we lose it, the worse off the country gets.

As we said in 2012, Mitt Romney was unable to win the election because he wasn’t a Christian. The Mormon faith, for all of its similarities to Christianity, is not true belief in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior. For this reason, he never had a chance to win. Rick Santorum likely would have won had he been able to defeat Romney in the primaries. In fact, even Newt Gingrich would have been able to defeat Barack Obama. The conservatives looked to Romney’s secular beliefs and central leanings to nominate him, but again, he never had a chance.

As the race gets started for the 2016 nominations, Americans from both parties must look at the faith of the candidates. Abortion, gay marriage, relationships in the Middle East – all of these and so many other political issues are influenced by one’s faith. We cannot afford another president who is not very strongly guided by belief in Christ and allowing the Bible to guide decisions. It may not be a popular stance in today’s world, but it’s the only possible path we can take as a nation to save it from the turmoil today and the worse turmoil to come.

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