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Why Liberals Should Oppose the Denver City Council’s Message of Hatred

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For the first time in history, we agree with an article on left-wing Mother Jones. The Denver City Council is idiotic and playing to the fears that conservatives have: if you hold religious beliefs, you will be persecuted.

The Denver City Council is halting approval of Chick-fil-A as a vendor in the Denver Airport¬†with Councilman Paul Lopez¬†citing the decision as “really, truly a moral issue on the city.” In case you’re not aware, CEO Dan Cathy spoke out against same-sex marriage four years ago. The company has, in the past, donated to charities that oppose LGBT causes. Because their opinions aren’t welcome in once-free-but-now-liberal America, they have been hounded. This has died down. Contributions to certain charitable groups have stopped and the CEO isn’t saying much these days.

The moral police, aka the Denver City Council, wants to reopen the case and condemn Chick-fil-A again. They want to punish them for having faith. They want to bar them from doing business in the Denver Airport because, well, those scrumptious chicken sandwiches might turn into hate crimes and discrimination being perpetrated by travelers through DIA.

As Kevin Drum sort of points out, this is exactly the type of persecution that the liberals are promising won’t happen. He wrote, “all it does is confirm the worst hysteria from the right wing that merely being Christian is enough to arouse the hatred of the left. That’s just wildly inappropriate.”

It’s the type of preachy politics that confuses freedoms with moral issues. “You don’t share our opinions and we have the power to hurt you.”

This is the type of incident and abuse of power that should make liberals furious. The Denver City Council is giving conservative Christians the type of firepower and righteous indignation we need in order to call out the idiocy of many left-wing politicians. The sheer fact that these elected officials believe their malice is acceptable proves what conservatives have been saying all along: “discrimination” is a weapon that the left will wield whenever they want to punish the right.

The Denver City Council is correct. This is a moral issue. Unfortunately, they’re too filled with hatred and teeming with self-righteous power that they don’t realize that they’re on the wrong side of it. Even many liberals would have to agree.

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