Why the GOP Cannot Allow SOPA to Pass

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If SOPA/PIPA passes through congress next year, it will be the most damaging piece of legislature since the Patriot Act. Tech-savvy Americans know this. When it comes closer to a vote, the mainstream media will pick up on the outcry that is already being screamed by many prominent websites and online voices. Battle lines will be drawn and there is a very good chance that Hollywood money mixed with Washington DC ignorance will prevail and pass the bill.

At that point, a hero will emerge. A shining beacon of American liberty will pick up the torch and blaze his way to a second term as President of the United States by vetoing the bill.

If SOPA passes in Congress, Obama will veto it and have a guaranteed victory regardless of who the Republicans are able to muster as a competitor.

There’s a huge difference between Barack Obama and others in Washington. There’s an even greater difference between Obama’s campaign team and the campaign teams of his GOP rivals. Obama and his campaign staff “get” the internet and its importance better than just about anyone else holding political power. They used it masterfully in 2008 to defeat Hillary Clinton (they didn’t need it to beat John McCain) and the balls are rolling towards bigger and better things for the Obama campaign online and through social media in 2012.

According to Arik Hesseldahl at AllThingsD, “Obama’s stance on the issue perhaps hints at an aversion to any significant changes in the status quo of the Internet, which suggests he would likely veto any version of SOPA or PIPA that reaches his desk.”

Passing SOPA will create a steamroller for Obama. All he has to do is veto it, and he will. Why? Because he listens to the public outcry (usually). Because he doesn’t need the money that Hollywood is waiving. Because he’s (apparently) the only one not dumb enough to fall into the SOPA trap.

Because he’s not a moron. Apparently, most in Washington are.

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JD RuckerJD is the voice of technology and social media for Conservative Haven and is Editor at Soshable, a Social Media Blog. He is a husband and father of 3 living in Southern California.


  1. TheHungerSite.com

    VP Joe Biden “Opposes” Stop Online Piracy Act


    In a brilliant move Techdirt and FFTF point out how Vice President explains why the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a bad idea.

    “We thought it would be good to highlight Biden’s specific arguments that explain why SOPA and PROTECT IP are bad, and to give him kudos for making such statements, since they contradict the statements from Hollywood on this bill,” Mike Masnick writes.

  2. John

    “Why? Because he listens to the public outcry (usually)”

    LMAO. President Corporate?! You’re just wrong.

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