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Why the Press isn’t Attacking Jeb Bush

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There are conspiracy theories, and then there are conspiracies. We don’t dwell in the former, but the latter seems to be in play as we watch the press conspicuously not attack Jeb Bush despite being so very attack-worthy.

The four nonconformists – Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Carly Fiorina – are getting their fair share of attacks. Trump probably deserves more, but we’ll discuss why he’s not getting more shortly. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and John Kasich are getting ridiculed by the leftist media. Most of the other candidates are getting occasional swipes. Jeb Bush, the darling of dissent from the media a few months ago, is practically being propped up by them.

So, what’s the conspiracy? What’s the problem with not addressing Jeb Bush’ problems? For this, I turned to a friend in the liberal media who wisely chose not to have me include her name.

“He’s losing too soon,” she said. “We’ve been told to hold off on him until he rises back up in the polls.”

That was all I was allowed to quote, but the discussion went much further. They, the mainstream media, see Jeb Bush as the easiest to beat if Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination. They had thought it was Trump, which is why he has been given so much press time, but that strategy seems to have the potential for backfiring. He might actually be able to pull off a win if he can get the nomination and that’s simply not acceptable. Expect the attacks on Trump to start very soon, she said.

Of course, there have already been attacks on Trump… from the right. Fox News has been “unfair” in his words. Meanwhile, CNN, MSNBC, and other traditionally leftist news organizations have been much more fair.

There have been attacks from the left as well, but not nearly as much as there will be if he actually wins the nomination. It’s like saving ammunition; they have so many angles from which they can attack him that they want to save the juiciest for the unlikely scenario that the Republicans actually nominate him.

This isn’t the type of conspiracy that has a name or a central organization promoting it. It’s an unspoken salivation that gets communicated over private lunches and public winks.

If you ever want to see who the left fears, look at who they attack the most. Right now, it’s Cruz, followed by Carson and Fiorina. Trump is getting some attacks because it’s hard for them to hold back all of their ammunition. With Bush, it’s practically a ceasefire until he gets his traction back under him.

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