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With Drone Border Patrols, Ben Carson Learning that the Media will Go After Him

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The United States media is more concerned with creating controversies and backing Republicans into a corner than actually focusing on the news. Ben Carson is learning this, now. Welcome to American politics, Mr. Carson.

While on CNN’s State of the Union, the GOP presidential received a line of questions from host Jim Acosta that was clearly designed to make Carson stumble, backtrack, or admit to something that he didn’t say. Even after Carson clearly answered the question that he wouldn’t use the drones against the cartels or against illegal immigrants, just the caves used by the “scouts” who help people cross, Acosta decided to restate the question in pretty much the same way in hopes that he could get the response he wanted.

“But I just want to make sure we button this down,” Acosta said. “So you’re saying that is some instances you would advocate using drone strikes to take out cartels that are bringing migrants across the border – is that what you’re talking about?”

As a liberal, I’m ashamed of media like Acosta who clearly had some “gotcha” questions that he had to get out even if they didn’t correspond with the responses. It was a totally amateur move for someone who clearly isn’t able to conduct an interview by thinking on his feet. It was as if Ron Burgundy was conducting an interview from a teleprompter. At one point, a frustrated Carson even had to tell Acosta, “Read my lips.”

Whether you’re liberal or conservative, democrat or republican, your responsibility as a journalist is to tell the stories as they are and dig deeper into the truth. I am not a Carson supporter, but Acosta forced my sympathies to reach towards him based upon a clearly politically-driven interview that the host hoped would get under Carson’s skin. Unfortunately, it worked.

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